Climb to jampa 2 days – Ausangate

To climb the snowy jampa (5500 masl) you do not need experience, rather it is ideal for beginners and people who love nature, from the highest part to 5500 masl it offers panoramic views to take spectacular photos that you will never forget.
Escalda al jampa 2 days – Ausangate

1 day. Ttinke

Pick up from the hotel at 8 AM on our private transportation and then head for the Vilcanota mountain range near the snowy Ausangate by Ttinke, Pacchanta. The trip will last three hours from Cusco to Pacchanta, then we will have lunch, then we begin to walk appreciating in the way the flora and fauna of the place, (the Andean geese, Andean cacara, vizcacha) lagoons like, qomer cocha, blue cocha (7 Lagoons) and then to camp at 4900 masl on the slopes of the mountain of the same name.

2nd day. Mountain climbing

Very early at 3 AM we will begin the ascent to the mountain of jampa, trying to reach the top 5500 meters before the sun rises, to have a view of the sunrise, there we can take the best photos of the day, then start descending to The breakfast, then return to Pacchanta baja, where we will relax in the thermal medicinal baths of the same name. Lunch and return to Cusco in our private transport.
Escalda al jampa 2 days – Ausangate


Complete climbing equipment
Entry to the reservation
Professional guide in high mountains
Horses for loading
Inflatable sleeping bag and mats
Private transport


Entry to thermal waters
Tip for the guide
Cold drinks