Trek to espiritu pampa 10 days

Hiking to espiritu pampa 10 días


After the conquest of Peru, the Inca and his most loyal followers maintained their religion and state in Vilcabamba.

Known for the highway banditry and infuriating diplomacy of the inhabitants, Vilcabamba became the Sherwood Forest of early colonial Peru until in 1572, when it was penetrated and the Inca captured and killed. We trace a series of important ruined forts chronicled during the extirpation of the Incas, but not located nor excavated until quite recently.

Season: March – November
Departures: 6th and 21st of each month



 Day 01 Cusco – Chaullay – Huancacalle

We leave Cusco by our private van at 6:20 in the morning. The Malaga pass is 4,200 metres high. In about five hours we reach Chaullay, at the mouth of the Vilcabamba River on the Urubamba, at 1890 masl. From here we take a truck to Huancacalle, which will take about three hours. We are now at about 3000 masl.

Day 2 Huancacalle walking tour of Vitcos.

Today we see the ruins atop RosasPata, the most important of which is Vitcos. We return at night.

Day 3 Huancacalle – Q´ollpaq´asa.

Today we climb 17 km, over the pass called Q´ollpaq´asa, and camp on the other side. We are now at about 3700 masl.

Day 4 to Ututo

From today we will be descending along the Consevidayoc River. Today we hike 12 km. We pass Maukachaka and then Pampaconas. In Ututo good fishing awaits us.

Day 5 Into the jungle to Vista Alegre

After only an hour or so out this morning we pass from the high Andean vegetation into a zone of high jungle. We hike 12 km. We hike 17 km today.

Day 6 Concebidayoc

We hike 17 km today.

 Day 7 Espiritu Pampa, the Ruined City and stronghold.

We hike 8 km heading to the west, until we reach Espiritu Pampa, a natural overlook, situated in the triangle between the Pampaconas and Chomtabamba rivers and the base of a mountain. Here we find the Rumichaca, a lovely Inca bridge. After a guided tour, we camp in Chotabamba.

 Day 8 Chiwankiri.

We hike the length of the steamy Espiritu Pampa valley, some 15 km, to the road below.

Day 9 Back to Quillabamba.

We take a bus for seven hours to the town of Quillabamba.

Day 10 Back to Cusco

We take the bus back to Cusco from Quillabamba.


 Included :

  • Private service
  • Professional English/Spanish speaking guide
  • Transport from Cusco to Huancacalle and from Quillabamba to Cusco
  • Lodging in Quillabamba
  • Double Occupancy Tents
  • Camping Equipment: Bathroom tent, kitchen tent, dining tent, chairs, tables and comfortable mattresses
  • One saddle horse for each passenger
  • Horses to carry our equipment
  • Muleteer and Cook
  • Porters to carry food, tents and cooking gear
  • Coffee breaks in the afternoons
  • All meals (whenever we are not in a city)
  • First aid kit

We recommended to bring:

  • Personal Sleeping Bag (If you don’t have, us help you to get)
  • Backpack and Daypack
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Water bottle, flashlight, hat, sun block, sunglasses
  • Warm clothes, Light clothes, 4 extra pairs of socks
  • Insect repellent
  • Chocolates, candies or other snacks
  • Camera + Film/Video camera (optional)